1. Apple will ‘set the world on fire’ with iPhone 6 sales
  2. Study: Social Media May Be Just As Addicting As Other Vices, Drugs and Alcohol
  3. How Nicki Minaj leveraged social media to sell 25k units of perfume overnight (and make $1.4M!)
  4. 10 social networking apps that are getting hot
  5. Does your boss spend more time on social media at work than you do?
  6. London: Then vs. Now
  7. If tube lines were people, this might be what they were like
  8. A new bike-friendly lorry is being used by Sainsbury’s around London town
  9. Why do you need a watch?
  10. We’re hiring! Houston PR is looking for an amazing Account Director to join the team. Send an email to astronauts@houstonpr.co.uk if you’d like more information.


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