1. Snapchat is launching a news division
  2. This is the World’s most persuasive font (it’s Baskerville)
  3. Snapchat hogs 75% of all social messaging data traffic in the UK according to Vodafone CEO
  4. Artist sells other people’s Instagram photos for £60,000… without their permission 
  5. KLM Airline’s social campaign generated €25 million – this post looks inside the strategy
  6. Brands pay this Instagrammer $15,000 to include their products in a picture. $15,000!!!
  7. Delta Airlines stuffs the whole internet into its latest brilliant safety video
  8. MyIdol App went viral, with the office loving it!
  9. These are the 8 most valuable brands
  10. Texting a simple code will restart the recievers iPhone (it’s “effective.  Power لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ 冗”)
  11. There is a GIANT slide at Southbank
  12. Are rooftop farms the future in London? No, we still think it’s all about the underground farm, @Grown_Under (obviously!)
  13. Nothing gets passed the Internet – fans exposed the magic trick on Britain’s Got Talent
  14. This ad for banned food hides itself from the police in Russia
  15. It was a terrible week for FIFA. This is what FIFA’s PR had to say about the corruption arrests
  16. This is what teens are really doing on their phone
  17. This household cleaning brand has the World’s most immaculate Twitter feed
  18. The map of the UK and Ireland according to our cost obsessions…

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