1. Brands emoji
  2. … so much so, that Footlocker launched Shoemoji, a iOS keyboard extension that is all about one thing
  3. … and Burger King launched the Chicken Fries emoji keyboard, to get the word out about the new fries range
  4. This website tests your emoji IQ, and the launch stunt by Taylor Herring was great
  5. BBC Radio 1 is happy that Nick Grimshaw’s listener figures have slumped to an all time low, scaring away over 30s
  6. Disney’s $1 billion bet on a magical wristband
  7. Mail Online used a photo of a luxury Hawksmoor steak to illustrate a story about human meat
  8. KitKat rebrands as YouTube Break for a limited 600,00 bars… because PR
  9. How to remember the names of everyone you meet
  10. Spotify will now match music to your running pace
  11. Send a fart to someone, just because you can
  12. This space station time-lapse is absolutely mesmerising
  13. A report finds that social share buttons are now useless
  14. A peek into the little red book Facebook gives all new employees
  15. Please reply #yes to give unlimited rights to your photo away for free
  16. 18 beautiful and weird maps that will change the way you see London
  17. Obama didn’t use his top secret BlackBerry to post his first tweet to the @POTUS account
  18. Growing up in a visual world. Here are some interesting insights from Facebook about Instagram

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