1. Analysing a year of Kim Kardashian selfies. 17% duckface, 7% in bed, 1% koala.
  2. #KardashianBlock blocks all Kardashian related content (so that’s half the Mail Online gone then!)
  3. What the packaging of a $20,000 cognac bottles looks like [gif]
  4. Universities are banning watches altogether in case students try cheating with a smart watch
  5. How often has the BBC featured tripe on their cookery programmes? A FOI request attempted to find out
  6. Welsh bus company removes sexualised ads after public backlash
  7. Water is about to become the Worlds best selling soft drink!
  8. This online app can show you how your name will sound as a hip-hop beat. This is how Houston PR sounds.
  9. Why, how and when young adults use Instagram (insights by Facebook)
  10. The shocking stats about psychopaths on Wall Street
  11. YouTube is the coolest network for teens
  12. ‘Black Spider’ letters are out
  13. BuzzFeed have analysed them and laid them out in a quick, easy to read post.
  14. Our attention span is now less than that of a goldfish
  15. The matchmaking app for people who want to make friends not love
  16. How Periscope, Meerkat and Snapchat will change the way TV, sports, news and weather is covered
  17. Why Domino’s went cray and started tweeting/replying only with the pizza () emoji¬†
  18. Nokia turned 150 years old this week, so here are the top 5 Nokias ever
  19. … and on that note, here is the evolution of the mobile phone…

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