1. PRs gasped in shock that Starbucks is phasing out cappuccinos in the US as flat white dominates
  2. The Mail on Sunday overtook the Sun on Sunday in total circulation for the first time
  3. Newspaper readership is the most accurate way to tell if someone voted for Tory or Labour
  4. Rise of the ambulance drones
  5. Better late than never. Apple Pay (contactless) is finally coming to the UK
  6. KitKat = branding gone mad.
  7. Pizza Hut made a pizza box that turns into a projector
  8. EVERYTHING Apple announced at WWDC
  9. Amazon sells $800 billion towel set
  10. The World’s favourite colour has been revealed (it’s blue)
  11. New lunchtime spot. This place sells EVERY SINGLE THING for just £1! It’s on Newman Street.
  12. 15 things Bill Gates predicted in 1999 that became true
  13. Lift selfies, lobster porn, the wing of a plane, hot dog legs, normcore, slo-mo videos, text-convo screengrabs… just some of the things you’ll see on Instagram this summer.
  14. Fake cell towers are spying on us in London
  15. You’ve been tucking your shirt in wrong this whole time
  16. Turns out that those claw machines are rigged (we knew it!!) – it’s a depressing/interesting
  17. We love this eyewitness video, and with more than 6 million views so far, we think you will too
  18. This 8K video on YouTube is so high-res that your computer probably won’t even be able to process it
  19. This water bottle is just too smart (and unnecessary)
  20. Viral video of the Week – Student Matt Bray filmed himself doing the same dance in 100 locations…


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