1. 3 ways Steve Jobs made meetings productive
  2. Is the Charlie Charlie Challenge a PR stunt for the new horror film, The Gallows?
  3. Apple is reportedly wooing DJ’s for guest spots on the upcoming iTunes Radio
  4. Millennials might be the least religious people ever (full paper here)
  5. Helicopters are designed to land safely even if the engine fails (worth clicking just for the video)
  6. This wristband tells you when you’ve had enough sun
  7. 6 foods that taste better in June than they will all year
  8. Caitlyn Jenner made her appearance on the cover of Vanity Fair, literally breaking the Internet
  9. It’s free Windows 10 time! Microsoft is giving it away for a whole year
  10. The death of stock photos, as Millennials engage with brands more personally
  11. Facebook plea to find this couple snapped by a stranger
  12. No, Netflix will not start showing us adverts
  13. Apple will live stream the WWDC event on Monday 8th June, 6pm UK time
  14. UnsuckIt – a buzzword dictionary
  15. British people are addicted to the Internet
  16. This little box shows you tomorrow’s weather by recreating it in your living room
  17. Hallelujah! There’s a Sister Act remake in the works
  18. This website calculates how long you will live for
  19. Tesco is giving away unsold food to charities from warehouses
  20. The Protein World ad that’s banned in the UK lands in New York

Renee Somerfield on Twitter

What’s up Times Square @ProteinWorld pic.twitter.com/wtMEny9Dfp


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