I’m going to be 52 this year.  When I look back at all the jobs I’ve had over the years the ones that I enjoyed the most were the ones where I felt that I had the best opportunity to learn (from my own mistakes and from people I admired) and contribute to something I believed in.

We’re a small business.  We’re growing r a  p    i     d      l           y.

We’re based in one of the most interesting and lively creative spaces in the world.  There’s amazing art, fashion, ice skating, film and more outside in the courtyard throughout the year.  We’re looking for people who are smart, energetic, restless and who genuinely want to make a difference.

We do incredible things – send things to space, make the world’s biggest bicycle, launch a farm under Clapham Common, put stories on the back of cereal boxes, create books, find fascinating things in the most unlikely places…

I set up this business almost eight years ago.  Along the way I’ve made almost every mistake there is to make.  We launched on the edge of global financial armageddon.  And yet we’re here and we’re doing really well and winning awards and working with amazing brands and our ambition to build a world-class PR and brand communications agency is stronger than ever.

If you’re an agency professional and you’re at a stage in your career where you feel marooned or slightly crushed on the underside of an invisible ceiling…..call me!  I’d love to talk to you.  I’m on 07702 684290 and you can call me any time.  Here’s a little video about us.  Have a quick look and see what you think…..

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