British Summer is here, we know because it only rains once or twice a week now. The sun is actually warm on our skin and some of us turn red some of us turn brown, but we all inevitably end up looking like the shades of Nando’s sauces.  The parks are a sea of sunbathing bodies, the streets a catwalk for the outfits we’ve waited all year to wear and the air smells of sun-tan lotion and burning BBQ’s because everyone’s too drunk on Pimm’s to remember about the meat. Yep, we’re all dreaming of what could be.

Because actually we’re all stuck inside, at a desk, with only the smell of cold coffee, forgotten lunchbox sandwiches and non-alcoholic juices we’re all downing to get that ‘bikini body’ for a summer we’re destined to miss.

We’re all as sad as Nick Clegg, glaring bitterly at the people outside, baking in the sun. So here’s a list of great blogs to help you in your task to ‘look busy’ and to especially cheer you up. Maybe even tweet them to Nick.

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