On Twitter, people often ask questions and add ‘asking for a friend’ because they’re a bit embarrassed to be asking for themselves.  I thought I’d take a look at what some of these embarrassing questions are.  Here’s what I found:

Can you train a cat to fetch you a glass of water?

Can women wear neckties for work?

Is it illegal to be unfunny?

Do you know where a guy can get Capri pants?

What’s the average UK police response time to a bank robbery?

Where can I go to get covered by Corgi puppies?

Is having a Justin Bieber song stuck in your head for five days a sign of incipient insanity?

Is wearing all black today in mourning a little melodramatic?

Does anyone know how to kill a rooster and make it appear to be self-strangulation?

can u get married to a video haha

Can you use cake mix to make pancakes???

Does it count as brushing your teeth if you eat peppermint chocolate

ICE CREAM! How many Carriages out of use today through Faults?

Like Lundqvist, will Ovechkin ever win a Stanley Cup?

Hi Brad, What happens to CNIB transit passes after Metropass readers are phased out in favour of Presto?

Can you marry pasta?

Can you be released from a pledge to endorse a nominee by dying & being resurrected by a priestess of the Lord of Light?

Anyone got a $6,000 toaster for sale?

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