As 2015 draws to a close, here’s a Quality Street assortment of some of the things that Houston PR made happen this year:

1. We launched a life insurance policy for Virgin Media that protects policy holders against Dalek invasion.

2. We launched the world’s most boring Christmas present, School Exam Simulator, for our client Tassomai.

3. We created a ‘pretentious menu demystifier’ for Bosch, that turns ‘goujons of line caught north sea halibut nested on a melange of garden-nurtured petit pois and hand crafted grill-kissed maris piper wedge’ into ‘fish and chips with mushy peas’.

4. We helped a hotel client use the face of E.T. (which he’d found in a log on the Isle of Skye) fill the hotel for year with Sci-Fi enthusiasts.

5. We created, a tool for stripping clichés and fibs out of politicians’ speeches.

6. We launched the miscourage campaign for the charity Tommy’s.

7. We launched the ‘replace every eight’ campaign for Dreams Beds, encouraging households to change their mattresses every eight years by putting a ‘snooze by date’ and ‘rest before date’ on all mattresses.

8. We created the Concept Album Talks, a series of talks based on the track titles and track lengths of concept albums without any reference to the albums themselves.

9. We launched a report for Magister Advisors, highlighting the M&A advisory firm’s prediction that Bitcoin will become a major reserve currency by 2030.

10. We continued our work for Square Trade, the global warranty providers, publicising their Breakability Index.

11. We launched, a tool for stripping Hipster language out of Tweets before they are sent.

12. We launched Xopo, a global remittance app that enables people to transfer money across Facebook and other social media.

13. We trained some of the world’s most powerful people (we can’t say who) on how to make best use of social media.

14. We helped one of the world’s leading consumer brands navigate its way through a difficult international crisis.

15. We helped our client Growing Underground to publicise the next phase of its amazing underground journey.

16. We’ve been on the Today Programme twice for things that we’ve invented. #treatyourselfasaclient

17. We put City Headhunters Armstrong International on the map in the US.

Unlike most creative agency types, we wear our creativity on the inside. We have a proven set of formulae that work.

We’d really love to work with you next year. “No fee too big, no job too small,” as the optimist puts it.

If you want your brand to make a mark early in 2016, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Only 20 shopping days until the new year.

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