Dear [firstname]

I’m as bad as anyone else when it comes to sending cards.

Since email and social media we’ve all found it easier to share greetings and the like with each other, but no email or e-greeting or chirpy video with your favourite moments of the year can replace the thought, effort and care that goes into those few words that are handwritten in a card.  They’re personal and affirming.

A card on the mantelpiece is a visual symbol throughout the Christmas and New Year break that someone has been thinking about you – and it really makes a difference.

That feeling that eGreeters get – when they click a few links and the card is auto-customised and mailmerged with the electronic address book that they’ve given it permission to plunder – is relief at a task completed.

And generally speaking, that feeling of relief is a lot better than the feeling that the recipient of their e-greeting gets when he or she opens the link.

There’s nothing affirming in an eGreeting, especially one that professes to be an exercise in channeling money away from the ‘fat cats at the privatised Royal Mail’.

See?  Look at this festive display of eGreetings on the mantelpiece?  Lovely and heartwarming, isn’t it?



Come on. Those postal workers still need your support to keep their jobs. Give them a break and put pen to paper. How’s that for a New Year’s Resolution?


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