PR BC14 21 February 2014

More information: Hamish Thompson  07702 684290 @HamishMThompson


Same format, possibility of some fresh topics

The Boring conference, the regular gathering devoted to a resigned acceptance of the mundane, is to take place again this year on May 31st.

The venue for this year’s conference will be Conway Hall in Holborn.

The first batch of tickets will go on sale on Friday 28th February at 1pm.

James Ward, conference organizer, said: “Many will recognize May 31st as the date in 1977 when the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System was completed.”

He added: “I’ve adopted a new naming convention for the conference this year.  In place of the established suffix, the year in which the conference was taking place – for instance, Boring 2011, Boring 2012 – I am going to use a sequential Roman numeral expression this time around.  Consequently, this year’s conference will be known as Boring IV.  I realize that this may seem somewhat controversial and unsettling, but I wish to reassure potential attendee that the conference will be otherwise unchanged.  My admin assistant, just before she left the office in a hurry last month, suggested that I call it Boring IV England as, I assume, a way of signaling my international aspirations, but I’ve decided to take things forward one step at a time.”

He continued: “There wasn’t a Boring conference last year because life was, if you’ll forgive my levity, quite interesting for me.  I won an all-expenses weekend at a hotel in Croydon in a coupon competition with my favourite packet of snacks.  It was on the weekend that I had earmarked in my planner, so I had to postpone.”

The Boring Conference has previously covered topics such as toast, yellow lines and self-service checkouts, heights of celebrities, ASMR videos, IBM tills, walking home, shop fronts, civil aircraft and fridges.

Tickets for this year’s conference are available here:

Details of the conference are available here:

Boring IV also has a Twitter feed, @boringconferenc

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