The day is here.  Britain has formally served notice of its intention to leave the EU.  Here’s our guess at some of the headlines that we’re likely to see in the months ahead…..

‘Becks-it’ – David Beckham leaves the UK

‘Cheques-it’ – EU demands major severance payment

‘Decks-it’ – Ferries report lower bookings

‘Eggs-it’ – Poultry farmers face challenges

‘Fecks-it’ – Politician caught on mic swearing about EU officials

‘Hexit’ – Strange events suggest Britain may have evoked ancient European curse

‘Kecks-it’ – Pants prices up as pound goes down

‘Mex-it’ – Britain faces a Trump-style wall on the French coast

‘Mechs-it’ – Engineers find opportunity freed from EU standards

‘Necks-it’ – British beer surges in popularity

‘Pecks-it’ – Birds inexplicably give Britain a wide berth during migration

‘Pecs-it’ – Britain’s new fitness kick as money gets tighter

‘Rex-it’ – Charles abandons plans for holidays abroad

‘Specs-it’ – Officials complain at ludicrous size of small print

‘Techs-it’ – British tech firms focus on UK talent

‘Vex-it’ – New legal challenge to British departure

‘Wrecks-it’ – Daily story on attempt (witting or unwitting) to scupper agreement