When PR first became a serious part of the marketing mix, secretaries were using windows to look out of, the only chips were in the canteen and the net was something you tended to associate with football.

So much has changed – and yet in some ways nothing has changed.

What has always made our work for our clients fly is a brief sentence, often no more than a Tweetable 140 characters, that can travel around the world in seconds.

Here are some examples of our work:

  • Two West Country entrepreneurs team up with Michel Roux Jr to create a 2.5 acre farm beneath the Northern Line
  • Milton Keynes relaunches as the romantic capital of Great Britain
  • Asda teaches WHSmith a maths lesson on stationery prices
  • Pre-‘Health and Safety’ toy range launched
  • Frustrated IT manager publishes the phone menus of call centres to help customers get through faster
  • Sainsbury’s and Jamie Oliver launch Feed Your Family for a Fiver
  • Mobile operators are the ‘digital drug mules’ of the 21st Century
  • Britain’s booming £8bn back garden economy
  • Clinton’s launches the British Politeness Index
  • Pomegranate juice deflates spare tyres and muffin tops
  • British workers have 48 ‘weakdays’ per year
  • Welsh village lays claim to ‘Tinseltown’ name
  • Asda and Puffin Books launch ‘breakfast serials’ with ‘Facebox time’

Boiling a story down to its essential ingredients and twisting a phrase to catch the light are critical parts of what we do. Compared to a thirty-page strategy document, each of these lines appear effortless – and yet they are critical to the success of any announcement.

If you’re in the market for a PR agency that is strong on process, quick to grasp strategy – and, most importantly, always has an eye on outcomes, look no further. I’m a phone call (07702 684290), a tweet (@HamishMThompson) or an email ( away.

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