Bytesize is a new, Uber-style* PR service from Houston PR that enables our customers to buy our time in 60 minute parcels from this page.

We’ve been thinking for a while about ways we can help businesses get short-term important things done by an experienced practitioner without having to go through the pain of a lengthy procurement process.

Engaging an agency is complex.  If it’s a short task, to date there hasn’t really been an option, leaving in-house marketeers and PR professionals to spiral into this all-too-familiar futility loop:

“I need this done.  I need an expert to do it.  It’ll take me days to organise the brief and meet with the expert.  By then it’ll be too late.  Aargh!”

We believe businesses will benefit from occasional high-end support to breathe life into an idea or to stretch thinking in a different direction.  You might be looking for an agency professional to freshen up a piece of copy, give a considered view about risks and opportunities, give guidance on an internal political disagreement, or give advice on who to approach about a particular announcement.  Many of these tasks only take an expert an hour.

We’ve decided to launch a new service that sells Houston experience in hour-long, ‘byte-sized’ pieces.

The service avoids the pain of procurement.  An hour of a senior practitioner’s time will cost you £275 + VAT.

It couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is email us at or call us on 020 3701 7660 (07702 684290 out of hours). We agree the (brief) brief, confirm it in an email back to you and we book in your hour, which will usually (subject to demand) be within 24 hours of your request. We automatically generate an invoice and you can pay below via PayPal.

Obviously this service in no way replaces the professional consultancy that PR agencies (including Houston) are retained to provide.  It is a short-term tactical solution to pressing and often unexpected business problems.  It might suit you, or it might not.  When and if it does, we’re here to help!

*Or whatever the latest buzzword is.  We couldn’t bring ourselves to say ‘disruptive’.