Tommy’s Charity approached us in November 2015 to ask us to help raise national awareness of the millions of parents in the UK who have experienced a miscarriage. Tommy’s aim is to halve the number of miscarriages by 2030 by funding medical research. Tommy’s has led research into stillbirth for more than 5 years and can now offer women a much clearer understanding of the reasons. It is hoped that funding and research into miscarriage will be able to offer the same medical explanation to women who experience it.



  • Raise awareness of the unexpressed emotions – failure, isolation and guilt – of those who have suffered miscarriages
  • Support the #misCOURAGE launch on Facebook and Twitter. This was a nationwide campaign aiming to increase engagement by asking parents to tell their story using the hashtag
  • Secure national news coverage as well as features in consumer health publications, women’s magazines and parenting blogs
  • Promote the video content curated by Tommy’s which shows an interview with a parent discusses their miscarriage experience



A poll was taken of over 5,500 parents who had experienced a miscarriage. We analysed the data and pulled out the most compelling facts. We then crafted an announcement that focused on highlighting:

  • Tommy’s funding of UK’s first national Miscarriage Research Centre to open in April 2016
  • Tommy’s aim to aim to halve the number of miscarriages by 2030 through funding medical research
  • The current UK policy on miscarriage (parents have to wait for three miscarriages before they are investigated)
  • Percentage of women (79) that said they felt like a failure after losing a pregnancy
  • The two thirds of women that said they found it hard to talk about their miscarriage
  • The 85% that said that they didn’t think people understood what they had gone through

The announcement was sent to national news desks, health editors, women’s editors and parenting bloggers.



Widespread media coverage of our story, including the MailOnline, Huffington Post, Grazia and The Pool . Coverage not only included the statistics and full quotes from CEO, Jane Brewin, but also mentioned all of the research Tommy’s is funding. The MailOnline story received over 3,400 shares on social media via the Mail’s sharing buttons. Twitter and Facebook references to the story numbered in the hundreds of thousands.

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