If you’re like me, you agonise over the tone of your email sign off.  Is it too stiff, is it too relaxed, is it too weird, does it sound old fashioned, does it sound like I’m trying to pretend I’m 20?  It’s a minefield.

This, I think, covers every option.  Instructions:  1. write your email, 2. simply cut and paste all of the content below, 3. add your name, 4. press send.

Best, My best, My best to you, Cordially, Cordially yours, Laters, All best, All the best, Best wishes, Kind regards, Best regards, Regards, Rgds, Warm regards, Warmest regards, Warmest, Warmly, Take care, Thanks, Thanks so much, Thanks!, Thank you, Thank you!, Many thanks, Thanks for your consideration, Thx, Tx, Hope this helps, In haste, Be well, Peace, Yours truly, Yours, Very truly yours, Sincerely, Sincerely yours, Yours sincerely, Yours faithfully, Cheers!, Cheers, Ciao, [name only], [Initial], Love, Your remain my humble servant, I remain your humble servant, XOXO, Lots of love, Hugs, Smiley face, ;-), [:-), High five from down low, Take it easy bro, See you around, Sent from my iPhone, Sent from my BlackBerry Handheld Device, Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail, I bid you adieu, All the best, ATB, Apertas, Thanks anyway, With gratitude, Kindest regards, Yours respectfully, Wishing you well, Until next time, Respectfully yours, Truly, Your friend, Affectionately, Yours always, Much love, See you soon, All my love, Eternally yours, See ya, Later, With anticipation, With appreciation, With regret, I bow to your superiority, Over and out, Hasta la vista, 

……5. hope for the best

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