The Belgian Prime Minister had chips and mayonnaise thrown at him today.

A quick glance at the Internet reveals the other things that have been thrown at politicians over the years:

Pies (various)

A small souvenir cathedral

Glitter bombs

A salami sandwich

Purple powder


Eggs (fresh and rotten) – most popular

Green custard

Rotten tomatoes

Salad dressing

Turnips (ancient Rome)

In 18th century Britain, people in pillories had all sorts of things thrown at them.  The Old Bailey records the following:

“The pillory turned so that crowds on all sides could get a good view,
and the crowd expressed their disapproval of the offence by pelting
the offender with rotten eggs and vegetables, blood and guts from
slaughterhouses, dead cats, mud and excrement, and even bricks and
stones. Some died from the abuse, despite increasing efforts by
constables to protect the convict, by forming a ring around the

Politicians should count themselves lucky perhaps.

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