With Christmas fast approaching, here’s the second disc from this year’s compilation album of some of Houston’s homegrown PR hits.

We hope this gives you a sense of the range and the quality of things that we do.  If any of these examples inspire or impress you, we hope that we’ll be able to record (and maybe break) a record or two for you and your business in 2014.

Everything that we do makes a measurable difference.  We don’t do wishy washy.  Our stories are always catchy, entertaining and thought provoking.  Underneath the melody you’ll always find a base line of commercial or strategic purpose.

1. Savse: “Vegetable Smoothies”

We launched the world’s first vegetable smoothies for Savse, attracting loads of interest in the national press and in the shopping pages of weeklies and monthlies.  Savse is now stocked by a wide range of upmarket retailers, including Harrods and Selfridge’s – and has just landed its first national listing with Boots.

2. Swantex: “Crackers”

We do the British Cracker Index, an annual survey of the year’s worst cracker jokes for Swantex, the UK’s leading cracker manufacturer.  Every year, Swantex supplies 25 million crackers and enough wrapping paper to stretch three quarters of the way around the globe.

3. Sainsbury’s: “The Way We Eat Now”

We launched The British Food Index, an investigation for Sainsbury’s into the changing composition of the shopping basket and the changes to the way that we eat.

4. PleasePress1.com: “Rage!”

The Rage index, a regular report for PleasePress1.com, looks at British frustrations with service and has become a tabloid, broadsheet, broadcast and Twitter favourite.

5. Reevoo: “Customer Choice Awards”

We launched the Customer choice awards for Reevoo, looking at the products that attract the very best real customer reviews.  The announcement that a £15 own brand Tesco hi-fi was voted the best value gadget attracted national headlines.

6. Wicked Uncle: “Real Toys”

“The real toy company”, for Wicked Uncle, celebrated the return of the pea shooter and the slingshot.  This nostalgic story attracted national headlines, notably in the Daily Mail.

7. TechGuys: “Bandwidth Bandits”

We sent detector vans into suburbia to establish what percentage of home broadband subscriptions could be used without a password.  The purpose was to highlight the risk to households of unsecured home networks.  It attracted national news coverage on the BBC and in broadsheets and tabloids.

8. Asda: “Tablet Wars”

We helped Asda to cement its credentials in consumer technology, stressing the affordability of many of its products.  Tablets, in particular, attracted a lot of media attention and drove sales.

9. Sainsbury’s: “The Delia Effect”

We reported on the effect of Delia Smith on sales of a range of food products for Sainsbury’s.  The supermarket chain rebranded its lorries as ‘delia-ivery’ vans as demand surged.

10. Magister Advisors: “Over-the-top technologies”

As part of our work for Magister Advisors, we charted the phenomenon of “over-the-top” technologies that sit on top of established technologies and erode the value of their predecessors.  The story appeared as a guest post on the BBC News website.

11. RoadTour: “1066 And All That-Nav”

We launched RoadTour software, a Sat-Nav add-on that turns Sat-Nav devices into automated tour guides.  When you approach an historic monument, your devices starts to talk to you, explaining its history.  The story made most of the national press and featured on BBC News.

12. University of Sheffield: “Discovery of alien life in the stratosphere”

We charted the probable discovery of alien life in the stratosphere, arriving purportedly in the tails of comets, for the University of Sheffield.  The story made international headline news.

13. St Albans and Sainsbury’s: “Reclaiming and renaming the Hot Cross Bun”

The Hot Cross Bun, in its modern form, originates in St Albans.  A monk at the Abbey gave it to the poor in the 1300s.  The original recipe for the Alban Bun was used by Sainsbury’s and baked to raise funds for charity.  The story made national and international broadcast, broadsheet and tabloid news.

We hope this gives you more of a taste of the range and quality of our work.  We’d love to work with you in 2014.  If you’d like to meet to discuss a project, do call me on 07702 684290 or email ht@houstonpr.co.uk

If we don’t speak before, Season’s Greetings to you from the team at Houston PR.  Here’s to great things in 2014.

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