I like chips. We all like chips. Chips are so great that even chips like chips:


I’ve never quite understood the physiology of that man. Are the chips his hair? Are they part of him? Is he actually just a hollow cone who fills himself up with giant chips which he then eats? If so, where is his stomach. So many questions.

The popularity of chips is an established fact. They are so popular that the other day, I saw a man by a bus stop eating a portion. His enjoyment of these particular chips could be called into question however, as he rather unceremoniously dumped them on the ground as his bus arrived.

There was a bin just next to him, but he just dumped them on the ground. At first, I was annoyed by his behaviour. Dropping litter is always unacceptable, but to do so next to a bin seems like a deliberate gesture of disregard for society.

But then I thought are chips litter? If he’d put them in the bin then all that would have happened is a few days later, the bin would be emptied and the contents would be taken to some landfill site somewhere and the chips would slowly decompose. By dumping them in the street, he’s potentially given a fox a delicious chip supper.

What is the most ethical way to dispose of chips? Many street bins already have separate sections for general waste and recyclable materials, perhaps the next step is to add a composter bin as well. Get the worms working to save the planet. I’m sure worms eat chips. Everyone likes chips.

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