1. Top 25 viral Tumblr blogs of 2014
  2. Happy’ by Pharrell was named ‘Song of the Year’ by Spotify
  3. World Cup was the most tweeted event in history
  4. Ellen made Twitter history with this beauty
  5. This photo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West was the most liked photo on Instagram
  6. Remember Spider Dog? It was one of the most viewed videos
  7. This kid went viral for dancing and doing the ‘stank’… then American Apparel gave him a modelling job
  8. It really was Year of the Selfie
  9. According to Pantone, the colour of the year was Radiant Orchid (purple), next year it’s Marsala
  10. Tumblr reveals most shared sponsored posts of 2014
  11. Top 20 music fan armies of 2014
  12. Was 2014 the year political correctness went stark raving mad?
  13. The 233 best viral videos of 2014, all in a 7 minute clip!
  14. The 20 best ads of 2014
  15. Instagram ended 2014 with a purge of fake users, the results are in…
  16. Why newsletters are the future of online media
  17. 12 trends we’ll be talking about in 2015 by Ketchum
  18. Apple have created an iTunes Tumblr which showcases the best of 2014’s music, movies, TV and books
  19. A Buzzfeed list of things that happened in 2014, which you’ve probably already forgotten about!
  20. Some cringy things happened in 2014
  21. Some cute things happened in 2014
  22. Some good things happened in 2014
  23. … this list could go on forever, here’s to 2015!

But let’s end with this impressive mash-up of every popular song in 2014:

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