It’s really important that there’s a good bond between client and agency, isn’t it?

We thought it might help to list a few reasons why we might not be your cup of Lapsang Souchong.

1.  You’ll never hear us say “Best. Girlfriend. Ever.”, “totes amazeballs”, “ping me”, “awesome”, “super-excited” or “reach out”.  We don’t have an office filled with double beds, a pinball machine or a retro gramophone.  We don’t have a vintage caravan in reception, fake grass on the floor, pet monkeys or a goats milk decaf chai latte maker.  We NEVER serve cupcakes at meetings. Hair: conventional.  No moustaches with a twist.

2.  Our holiday plans are unlikely to leave you feeling inadequate.

3.  Our receptionist is impossible to get hold of (we don’t have one – we are all on the front line).

4.  We’re disobedient (we’re advisors – we only do what we agree with you. We say yes a lot, but we also say no).

5.  Average age – 41 (which we’d call “early seventies retro chic”).

6.  Most of our ideas end up in the bin (you get to see the ones that work – the sort that have won us several Outstanding PR Consultancy awards).

7. We will NEVER work on a ‘content strategy’ (aka, the Emperor’s New Clothes).  We prefer to work on ‘discontent strategies’, i.e., working out how to make things better.

8. No kimonos and no strategy woks.

9. No references to Farringdon as Midtown.

10. No ‘on-boarding’.

11. No exposed brickwork.

12. No artisan mini doughnuts served on slates.

13. No unmatching, back-murdering chairs.

14. No three sizes too small checked shirts.

15. No curating foraged suppers.

If you’re looking for a PR and brand communications agency and this list doesn’t put you off, give Hamish Thompson a call anytime on 07702 684290.

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