Wagwan, we’re Frankie and Desiree.  We’re CURATIVES (TM).

Today we went to an AMAZING pop up restaurant in Midtown (our parents say it was called Farringtown or something which is cute. What even is a farring?). The brilliant thing about it was that ALL the food was foraged but so were the plates, cups, tables, chairs, guests and even STAFF. It was SUPER EXCITING. All those epic creative collisions. Noshington.

I chose the tandoori chicken strips lounging on an authentic white bread cheese sandwich with a side order of donut slices. How FUSION and LOCAVORE is that?

It was the sort of place that screams YOUNG LONDON IS AWESOME. I want to meet the genius that curated that place. I’m all over it on Facy B and The Gram.

After lunch we went to see a new prospect setting up an emocial network. It’s outrageously cool and couldn’t be simpler. Users can only use one emoji at a time so it’s like this really intense conversation where you get say the round face with the drips or the red face and you have to figure out what the other person is saying and then emoji them back.

In the meeting we just had decks of emoji cards and the rule in the whole office there is ‘you can only talk through emoji’. So at the meeting we’re like using these flash cards to negotiate and stuff and it got really intense. We were like smiley face then heart then heart and Jacque, the visionary there (Jacque likes to be called ‘:-)’ which is a bit hard to pronounce) , was just sort of riffing, flipping from building to aubergine to scream.  This is going to be so huge.  It has Unicorn written all over it. We’re going to do an announcement that is just emojis for the launch. I can’t wait for the follow up calls to ask journos if they got it.

Back at the office the older people were doing their usual narrow-minded stuff. Phoning people, sitting around concentrating, thinking about the long term (that’s like thinking about being OLDER), looking at BOOKS, reading magazines, doing spreadsheets. I feel massively sorry for them and their clients.

Anyway, when we got back to work we we so full of ideas that we thought, wow, why don’t we just hack the plaster off one of the walls so that we have expressed brick behind us.  Everyone else was in meetings or on calls, so we just sort of used our initiative.

Frankie found it a bit hard because his checked shirt is a bit tight and the bits of plaster got stuck in his beard, but after 20 minutes or so the plaster started coming off in really satisfying chunks.  Selfie backdrop.

One of the thangs about being CURATIVE (TM)  is that not everybody immediately buys into your vision.  When everyone came back they were just speechless with their awe, but, you know, the boss always wants to be bigger and better and more out there despite the fact that he’s old enough to be two 26 year olds OMG and he called the police.

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