We’re looking for an account director to join Houston PR at our offices at Somerset House in London.

If you’ve had a nagging feeling that your potential / abilities are not being recognised or rewarded where you are at the moment, why not come and have a chat?

Our work spans consumer and B2B (we are unashamedly generalist), ranges from projects 100 feet under London to 27 miles into the stratosphere and our clients range from global market leaders to entrepreneurs based in their garden sheds.

We’re growing rapidly and we’re ambitious.  Join now and you get all the upside of being with us during an exciting and formative phase.  We’re not hide-bound by investors, we don’t do organisational politics and we genuinely love what we do.

Give me a call anytime on 07702 684290 or drop me an email and come and see us.  Somerset House is a brilliant place: free access to galleries (including the Courtald), a great creative community, next to the river, 5 mins from Covent Garden, a river terrace.  Tempted?


No cupcakes, no buzzwords, no office filled with double beds, no pinball machine, no retro gramophone, no strategy wok, no vintage caravan, no fake grass on the floor, no pet monkeys, no goats milk decaf latte maker.

If you’ve read this far and it doesn’t feel right for you but you think you might know someone, do spread the word or use one of the share buttons above.  We’d really appreciate it.

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