We’ve all done it:  Remembered a few weeks in advance that a birthday was coming up and then forgotten to send a card.  In this case, we forgot to send one to ourselves.  Houston PR is officially two years old – a toddler in the arc of corporate life.

It has been an action-packed two years.  Here are ten of our highlights:

1. Launching the world’s first extra-terrestrial press release (reported widely) and setting up mission control in Somerset House.

Houston launch

2. Buying a spacesuit and changing the course of fashion history.


3. Launching Polifiller, an automated jargon-removal tool for politicians.  Here are some of the reports.

4. Winning, with immense pride, a PR Week Award for business marketing campaign of the year for Growing Underground.


5. Launching the Concept Album Talks, covered by the excellent Colin Paterson for the Today Programme. The Concept Album Talks take an album and the song titles and use these as the basis for a series of talks.  The rules are (1) that talks must equal track length and (2) there can be no reference to the song or the album.  So far, we’ve done Dark Side of the Moon and Pet Sounds.  Rumour has it that another is on the way.


6. Winning mandates from more than twenty of the world’s most exciting brands – some large, some with equally large aspirations – and working with them to improve their fortunes.  We’re proud of the growing body of work that we’ve done for our brilliant clients – lots of it seen and some unseen.  In 24 months we’ve generated more than 100 pieces of prime time broadcast coverage for our clients, countless stories in national newspapers around the world, dominated the news on major news sites on some days and created worldwide viral hits.

7. Hamish climbing on his soapbox on BBC Radio 4’s Word of Mouth to talk about jargon, PR and how not to do it.


8. Building a truly world-class team of ideas people, all of us determined to build a business that makes a clear, distinct, positive impact on the way that businesses communicate.  We’ve just made another exciting appointment.  More news soon….

9. Publicising James’s Boring Conference.  Where hasn’t it been reported now?  Writing the announcement is a rare joy, with just a smattering of schadenfreude.

10. The opportunity to let our imaginations go, which is not something you get in every job or every business.  At the risk of writing an entry for Pseud’s Corner, by working with many types of businesses we get accidental collisions of ideas.  We also, on this site and in other places, get to try things out and then figure out what made them work.  There’s nothing like a culture of experimentation to deliver extraordinary results and trying things out is something that all of us encourage in each other.  Communications are changing faster than any of us feel that we can cope with sometimes.  That small metallic oblong that most of us carry with us every day is a conduit and a broadcast studio in one.  How this and its as-yet-unimagined successors will change the way we communicate in future is anyone’s guess.  The important thing is to keep guessing.  Happy birthday to us.  Sorry it’s late.  The present is in the post.

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