You’re a start-up.  Great.  What gear are you in?

It has never been easier to start a business.  Anyone with a great idea, a bit of capital, a network and drive has the opportunity to get going.  The challenge is in how to grow.  In the UK alone there are more than 4 million businesses all trying to win their share of their customers’ time and money.  Getting started is easy, but it is just the start.  To be successful requires speed, determination and skill.  You need to shift gear – and quickly.

How do you ensure that your next big thing isn’t tomorrow’s old hat?

When you first come to market, you bring fresh ideas to investors and consumers who are hungry for the next big thing.  Authenticity is what every one seeks.  The trouble is that too many businesses spend too long obsessing about what they do and how it’s unique and not enough time thinking about what people want.  Think about that for a moment.  When a customer goes out to buy a drill, it’s not the drill that they want.  It’s the hole.

Enough thinking.  It’s time for doing.

In our work with start-ups, we see an early fork in the road.  One path leads to scale and profit; the other leads, at best, to remaining as a small business.  The fork comes at the point that we call the ‘leave the workshop moment’, when a craftsperson accepts that he/she can no longer obsess solely about the product and has to turn the eye to operational matters and reaching the customer.

Great idea.  Build it before someone else does.

Houston Brand Accelerator offers a service for those start-ups and ambitious brands that are ready to scale and need the expert marketing and operational advice to grow their business before someone else has the same idea and does it faster.

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The experience of battle-scarred veterans.

HBA’s principals, Adam Pritchard and Hamish Thompson, have decades of experience of operational and marketing support that in combination will enable ambitious brands to accelerate their progress.  Adam is a sales, logistics and operations expert and has advised many fast-growth businesses and founded his own £20m FMCG business.  Hamish has more than 25 years experience in brand management, brand development, PR and marketing.  They share a restless desire to be first and are backed by a hand-picked team of experts and unrivalled contact books that will open doors.

Simple methodology.

Our methodology can be boiled down into a handful of words: ambitious goals, creative thinking and speed of execution. We’re battle scarred enough to know where new brands waste their effort and resources.  Our job is to make quick, intelligent, creative decisions on behalf of our clients and to execute swiftly.  There is no new, there is only now.

Who have we done this for?

We’ve helped hundreds of brands to build markets quickly.  Recent and current clients include two health drinks start-ups, three pharmaceutical brands, a healthy living brand, an innovative catering business, a diagnostics business, two retail services companies and three tech start-ups.

Time for action.

We’re ready to get started when you are.  Call Adam Pritchard now on 07970 184337 or Hamish Thompson on 07702 684290 now to arrange a meeting and discuss how Houston Brand Accelerator can boost your business performance.  If you’re the type of start-up that we’ll be able to help, the likelihood is that you’re dialling already.

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