As all three readers of this blog will know, I own a replica Apollo 11 space suit.

Up until this year, London Fashion Week has set up camp in the square outside our office at Somerset House.

The square fills with the most glorious peacocks, showing their plumage to the assembled paparazzi.

I occasionally commute to work in my suit.


I decided to see whether I could create any ripples in the fashion community.

Just before I arrived, I ‘accessorised’ my suit with a scarf.


I walked in and turned a few heads.



I got interviewed for Italian fashion TV.


The next day I appeared in the London Fashion Week newspaper and on loads of blogs.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 12.45.55

The following year this happened.

00010f 00030f mfw-a15-marcelo-burlon-county-of-milan-space-age-suit-009-1366

Dare to dream, people.  Dare to dream.

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