Imagine if a company had such a strong brand that you could tell what company it was even if the words it used didn’t make a direct reference to their products…….

Isn’t that incredible?

We’re thrilled because

Let me just show you a few of

These guys are incredibly creative, they couldn’t stop

Isn’t that great?

It’s that simple, right? It’s that simple

So, this is it

So it’s really, really easy to use

And let me tell you a little more  in-depth about what

And they’ve got something cool that you wanna…

So let’s go see a demo

It’s awesome for

We think a lot of people are going to…

So we think this is pretty cool

I’m really excited about it

It works like magic

It’s far more accurate than any _____ that’s ever been shipped

It’s super smart



You will agree

Has changed all of our lives

Industry-leading customer satisfaction

Set the bar for which the category would forever be defined

Pushed further

Biggest advancement in the history

Couldn’t be more excited

Without a doubt the best

Best ____ you have ever seen

Sure you’ll agree

Tell you about these incredible new _____

Is like nothing ever before

Incredibly unique

Curves around the side to meet seamlessly

Truly the most beautiful

The team has envisioned

New generation

By far the most beautiful

Are stunning; they are accurate

Across from the top to the bottom, the team has worked hard to make them

Incredible innovations

Simply stunning unlike any

You can see the difference

That’s an incredible, incredible

Done the math

The real magic

Than anything we’ve ever made

That took an incredible amount of engineering

Your friends’

We show more

We took special advantage

Takes advantage

To give you

You like to work this way

We do everything to take great advantage

More capable

The team has worked on

Not only feel great in your hands


Would feel really nice to

That makes so much sense

Convenient and intuitive if you really like to use it

The team

The team has done a great job of


Really proud

The team has made sure

Easier than ever

But the team had an extra goal

To deliver that performance

Incredibly energy-efficient

Great performance

This is really, really important

Can do amazing things

Get maximum performance

Take advantage of this incredible level of performance

We’re gonna make some history together

Smoothest and most successful transition that we’ve ever seen in the history of our industry

We made a beautiful, seamless version of

The minute you saw these

We are picking up lots and lots of

Over the course of the next several months we’re gonna roll out some awesome stuff for




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