One of the more baffling aspects of working in PR is the email from a journalist that reads something like this:

“Your email is unsolicited.  Delete me from all of your mailing lists.”

I do (occasionally) use lists as a means of getting a message to as many people as I can as quickly as possible (that’s how news works).  I do my best to ensure that that content is relevant to the people that I am sending it to (by checking their preferences, “previous”, etc).  I also (for the most part) send out announcements that pass our “interesting test”.

These emails are a great puzzle for two reasons:

  1. If journalists don’t want unsolicited emails how do they manage?
  2. If I delete someone from all of our mailing lists, might that not spoil their day when we have a major news story that is bang on their subject area?

Today, for instance, I had an email of this sort from a journalist who writes about food.  We cover an array of really interesting food stories.  Today’s email was a little off-piste, but still potentially relevant.  Objectively, it’s not a massive deal.  I’ve taken him off all of our lists and it won’t have an impact on our work because he writes for a publication with a small circulation.  It still bugs me though.

Sometimes people have bad days I guess.

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