Electrifying new soap opera takes on Eastenders and Corrie

A brand new soap opera, Thamesmeerd, is set to challenge Eastenders and Corrie and reignite the ratings war.

Available exclusively on YouTube, Thamesmeerd is centered on the lives of the members of TV themes band Dream Themes, who ‘some’ are calling the modern-day Monkees.

The ‘action’ centers on the flat that the band members share, their local pub (The Dishwasher) and nearby cafe O.M.G. Crisps.

Paul Kelly, bass player for Dream Themes and script writer, director, producer, key grip, location scout, ‘cameraman’, editor, sound technician, caterer, props organiser and casting director, said: “Before they’ve seen episode one, people have asked, naturally, whether YouTube made a bid for the rights to Thamesmeerd and I can confirm that this isn’t the case. We decided that we’d give the show away to begin with, wait until it has become a global viral hit, and then make money off tea towel sales and other merchandise.”

He added: “We’ve gone for a raw, unrehearsed, ‘made for less than fifty quid’ feel for this series. The actors make it look as though they’ve never performed before and the cinematography makes it look as though the whole thing was just filmed on iPhones.”

Episode one of Thamesmeerd is available now:

Thamesmeerd: Episode 1

Ian has Gemma running around in circles on the opening day of OMG Crisps. Meanwhile, as the locals gear up for Thamesmeerd in Bloom, an unwanted visitor is making for a tense atmosphere in Nettles Street.

Episode two will be released in early March.

Dream Themes can be booked for weddings, parties, corporate events, pagan rituals, etc.

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