My favourite unlikely personal Twitter story comes from September 2013.

I have an investment banking client and I issued a reaction on his behalf to an acquisition in the technology industry (bear with me). I’d worked pretty hard on the wording and it was picked up by a number of wire services. I Googled around and found that it had been reported in a newspaper in Anchorage, Alaska.

I remember buying and loving the Texas Campfire Tapes. I wore that vinyl album out. The cricket sounds in the background. The lyrics. The freshness of it.

I dipped in to Michelle Shocked’s work off and on over the years – and a favourite from one of her other albums was the song Anchorage.  You probably need to know this song if you’re to get much out of reading further.

In that ‘make a note in the diary’ way that I use Twitter, I said when I spotted the story in the Anchorage paper: “I am the Michelle Shocked of PR”. I added a link to the story.

Agreed – it’s not the wittiest remark.

Anyway, the next day I got a tweet back from Michelle Shocked saying something like “oh no, you’re not.”

I then got into a bit of a back and forth with her, of which I only have one side now because she deleted her account a while back. Here’s a bit of my side:

@MShocked I concede defeat!

@MShocked You want me to fight with a concierge service?

[I have no idea what this means]

@MShocked Well, could I ask you a question about one of your songs?

[To which she replied something like ‘sure thing’]

@MShocked Leroy – what was the job they moved for – and how was it better? Subject of much debate in these parts.

[This was my question about some of the unanswered stuff in the lyrics of Anchorage. She then replied something like “Why don’t you ask Leroy? He’s on another social network. Here’s his details.”]

So, anyway, I wrote to Leroy and he was gracious enough to reply. It turns out that Leroy works with indigenous Americans, proudly championing their rights.

We had a bit of back and forth and I thanked him profusely for taking the time to reply. Or ‘RE-ply’, as the song goes.

A bit more back and forth with Michelle.

@MShocked I grew up in Australia – same idea applies. Guests since 1788!

Then I remembered that there was another unanswered question in the song:

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 12.03.17

She said: “Go ask Leroy. He should decide whether you get to know. Tell me if he does.”

So I did, and Leroy told me and a few other things that were just out of view in the song which I promised to keep secret.

Then I told Michelle that he had. Then she broke the song down into tweet-sized sections and ‘sang’ it to me over Twitter, which was a kind and touching thing to do.

And that’s the end of the story.








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