Over breakfast I was watching the squirrels eating all the bird food. It got me thinking about the point of squirrels (the way in the summer I think about the point of wasps). I guess they are prey to something else – dogs maybe – or big, fast cats.

Then it got me thinking about how useful it is to have ‘fast food’, ie, food that you have to chase to catch and get a bit fitter in the process so that you in turn can outrun the thing that is trying to catch and eat you.

Then I got thinking about humans and how we don’t have to chase our food. We just drive to a supermarket, do endless circuits to find a car park nearest the door, walk in and take it off the shelf.

Then I started thinking about a ‘fast food’ idea for humans. Why doesn’t someone set up a sandwich delivery service that you have to chase to buy from?

Imagine someone with a beard and checked shirt turning up to your office door, doing that beckoning thing with his finger, giving a wry smile and sprinting away from you with your organic brie and fig on sourdough?

When you catch him you get to eat your lunch.

I think I’m going to pitch for tech VC funding for this.  Order online, your delivery person show up, then you give chase to your lunch.  No catch, no eat, which means the margin upside for the first few months will be pretty good.

It’ll solve middle-class weight loss anxieties in one simple step.  Let’s call it a range of sandwiches with the brand name Prey.

Good idea, eh?  Who’s in?

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