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  • Social media tool pretweet.co.uk automatically pre-checks tweets and posts for Star Wars spoilers

Pretweet.co.uk, developed by Houston PR, has been updated to automatically remove all possible spoilers from Tweets following the UK premiere of the new Star Wars movie on Thursday.

All known major character names have been added to the database.  Fans keen to share information about the film after they’ve seen it can check their tweets and posts using the automated form at pretweet.co.uk to avoid spoiling the film for others waiting in line.

Pretweet is designed mainly to remove tired phrases from Tweets and Facebook posts.

Hamish Thompson at Houston PR, said: “I’m old enough to remember the first Star Wars movie.  Six months ahead of the premiere all we had to go on was a series of shots in the well-thumbed gatefold of the double album soundtrack in my local record shop.  Now there are tweets and posts within seconds of any film screening.  Pretweet.co.uk is essentially two bits of coconut tied together with string, but it should help a few fans to cleanse their tweets and avoid spoilers for others still queuing to see it.”

With less than 48 hours to go, Pretweet is also sourcing other terms to add.  If fans have additional information or terms that they think should be added, they can email them to pretweet@houstonpr.co.uk or Tweet @HamishMThompson.

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