Here’s a list of some other things to talk about if you feel (a) aghast at the prospect of talking about him again and (b) a bit stuck on what else to talk about because he is such a ridiculously huge topic.  If you have any suggestions for other topics, please tweet them to me.


Strange encounters with famous people

Definitions of kindness

Dogs in outfits

A stone horse drinking the sea

That the TetraPack cartons with the round plastic nozzles don’t tell you that they should be at the higher end when you pour

What we can hear if we close our eyes

That banana skin is pretty good for you

La La Land

London’s fireplaces

The basket in front of you at the checkout

How prescient it was that Dali’s Metamorphosis of Narcissus featured a Twitter egg

Why my brain has to turn three times for me to verbalise a definition of pragmatism

How great it is to see protests

Whether countries will cease to be location-specific in future

Whether I’ll ever go to space

Types of rain

Which books should be protected from film adaptations

The worst ever film adaptation of a book

The film adaptation that is better than the book

How what seems like the worst architecture eventually comes back into fashion

The four worst dinner party guests

YOUR Desert Island Discs

How to keep house plants alive

The warmest day in the sea in Britain

Things to do on a train

Beard to male population ratio in the U.K.

Percentage of bearded men who have not visited the countryside in the last year (see also 4WDs)

Your shortest journey in a car

Is there too much choice?

The best colour in the world