With Christmas fast approaching, here’s this year’s compilation album of some of Houston’s homegrown PR hits.

We’re really proud of this work and we hope that we’ll be able to record (and maybe break) a record or two for you and your business in 2014.

1. Asda: “Facebox.”

This one put Asda’s own brand cereal at the top of the charts, putting story extracts under the noses of millions of kids and outselling Kellogg’s for the first time ever.

2. John Lewis: “Make do and mend.”

This unplugged version, accompanied by a book of hints and tips written by 28,000 John Lewis partners encouraging shoppers to be careful with their money, led to record sales at the store in the heat of recession.  It set the tone for all of their advertising since.

3. University of Sheffield: “Advertising in Space.”

Roll over Commander Hadfield.  This Space Oddity, an ad inviting students to trade up to a place at the University of Sheffield, led to a surge in applications by hitting a high note.

4. PleasePress1: “Hello.”

Not since ELO’s Telephone Line has there been a hit like this.  This award winning effort delivered a clean sweep of practically every media outlet in the land – from Newsnight to Have I Got News For You.

5. Sainsbury’s: “Feed your family for a fiver.”

This bestseller was a family favourite, helping millions of households to feed themselves economically during the recession.

6. Magister Advisors: “Digital Drug Mules.”

This track was all about the impact of social media traffic on mobile operators, carrying the load for virtually no financial upside and huge risk.  The Times, especially, loved this one.

7. Swantex: “Tinseltown.”

This is becoming as much a part of Christmas as Eric and Ernie.  Britain’s Christmas factory produces 25 million crackers, enough wrapping paper to stretch  three quarters of the way around the globe and this year, for the first time, enough tinsel to stretch from London to Barcelona.

8. Hi-Cone: “Hidden Heroes.”

The unsung heroes for the design world – six pack can holders, post it notes, the clothes peg and more.  A design exhibition at the Science Museum and lots of media coverage on the BBC and in the nationals.  A big hit for this unsung band.

9. Screwfix: “The Unlikely Lookalikes.”

A bunch of tradesmen that don’t look a great deal like their footballing heroes get to play a ‘lookalike’ football match on Sky TV.  An unlikely idea that we made happen to promote Screwfix and their sponsorship of football on Sky.  A clean sweep of the tabloids.

10. Milton Keynes: “Love is in the air.”

We crowned MK the romantic capital of Great Britain, comparing it favourably with Venice.  The tabloids loved it – and enquiries from businesses and potential residents soared at least as much as local hearts.

11. The Boring Conference: “Self Titled.”

We did it.  We made the Boring Conference, a collection of the world’s dullest talks, a major national and international news story.  Google it.  You’ll see.

12. PomeGreat: “The muffin top deflator.”

We worked with scientists at a leading British university to unlock the health benefits of Pomegranate juice consumption.  It turns out that the miracle juice has a marvelous effect on waistlines, helping ageing rock stars to fit into their sequin jumpsuits of old.

This is a small selection of our greatest hits.  If you’d like us to sing your song in 2014 we’d be delighted to come and see you for an audition.  Give me a call today on 07702 684290, email me at ht@houstonpr.co.uk or message me on Twitter at @HamishMThompson


We hope to hear from you soon.


Best wishes,



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