I know absolutely nothing about David Moyes, though I assume he was appointed because he is talented.  Why he was sacked is a different matter.  One of the challenges for leaders today is that they are exposed to armchair punditry like never before – often even before they can make a proper start.

A cacophany of views can create a climate within which logic, due process and everything else flies out the window.  We see this in politics, business and sport.  It is at its worst when a neighbouring event (global financial crisis, internal scandal, a period of lacklustre performance in the wake of the departure of an icon, etc) splashes on the crisp, white shirt.

It’s our old friend ‘post hoc ergo propter hoc’ (after this, therefore because of this) – or perhaps worse: ‘in parallel with this, therefore because of this’.

It’s probably time for newly-appointed leaders to form a pact on day one with their wider audience and in so doing, do a better job of anticipating (and potentially dismantling) this negativity. Get out there, say that things are probably going to get a bit worse before they get better, because that is often in the nature of change.

Then dig in and get on with it.

PS: feel free to correct my Latin in the headline – it’s a wild guess.

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