Great news: We have a confirmed date for the first PR Club. It’ll be Thursday April 23rd at the Bank of England (pub) on Fleet Street. We have the room on the first floor and we’ll get started at around 7.00pm.

We’re funding drinks at the start – and snacks.

Update:  *drum roll* – the amazing Dream Themes (TV theme cover band) will be playing!  Look: here’s Dream Themes in action….

Here’s some of what I thought we might do:

A quick-fire ‘my best idea’ round. For 140 seconds, in line with the magic Twitter number, you get to describe your best ever idea to the room. The only restriction is that you only get 140 seconds.

An ideas ‘giveaway’. PR Club is about trust and generosity and if you have an idea that hasn’t worked and you’re happy to give it away to the room, the stage is yours again for 140 seconds (we have a few up our sleeves).

Charity help. We’ll ask a charity to explain what they do in 5 minutes and then we’ll all spend a bit of time (10 mins) figuring out in groups what might be done. Then each group can pitch its ideas from the stage.

Other than that, it’s all about talking and sharing. We really hope you can make it. If you’d like to do a ‘my best idea’ bit or an idea giveaway, please drop me a line so that we can organize the order, etc, and panic if no one’s interested.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 23rd. Do follow us on Twitter at @PRClubLDN – and do spread the word.  Oh, and email me at if you’re planning on coming along.

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