I thought I might have a go at setting up a geeky club for people in PR. It won’t be like a real world LinkedIn thing with loads of people in suits eyeing each other up suspiciously. It’ll be about the craft of PR – ideas, storytelling, etc. We’ll call it, er, ‘PR Club’. Think of it as an art club, or a model makers enthusiasts club or a knitting club.

Stop, stop! Before you zone out, here’s how I thought it might work:

1. The first rule of PR Club is no cupcakes, no complicated hairstyles, no puff. This is a club for PR nerds at which we discuss ideas and creativity. How we managed to do something extraordinary for fifteen quid.  How we audaciously invited someone to do something and they said yes.  How we realised something bleeding’ obvious that had eluded people for years and turned it into a front page story. That sort of thing and more.

2. The second rule of PR Club is that we don’t stand around muttering about ‘what a terrible reputation PR has’ and how, ‘omigod, advertising is moving in’ and ‘aagh, we’re not at the top table involved in strategic decisions’ and ‘let’s all get together and assemble a new strategic measurement framework that will robustly frame our value add on the dashboard’. None of that important bullshit.

3. The third rule of PR club is that as part of it we invite a charity that has no money to spend on PR along. They spend a few minutes talking to us all about their charity and then the audience (all creative PR people) give them advice and ideas from the floor. It’ll be like ideas one-upmanship and the charity will get lots of value out of it and we’ll get nothing but the joy of showing off in front of our peers.

We’ll sort out a venue in central London, snacks, drinks, date, etc. Who’s interested? If you’d like to come along, drop me a note at hthompson@houstonpr.co.uk or tweet me at @HamishMThompson – or call me on 07702 684290.


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