One of the things that has struck me this year is the way in which my own media consumption habits continue to change.

I’ve been surgically attached to social media for several years.

This year I have found myself frequently more interested in people’s reactions to news than news itself.

PR is a far more potent and sustainable catalyst than advertising can ever again aspire to be.

The PR profession has had a hang up for years about measurement, largely I believe because it has been seen as a patchy, intangible element of the marketing mix.

Something finally changed this year.

The role of PR is now almost exclusively about catalyzing conversations.

Given that, what is a more tangible offering?  An ad or a conversation?

Give me a conversation any day.

This is the case that the PR industry needs to make – that dialogue and conversation matters more than flat messages that talk AT you.

Suddenly the tables are turned, and therein lies an enormous opportunity for PR agencies – and the organisations that they represent.

PR is now the note, the chord and the sustain pedal of the marketing mix.

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