Nicholas Witchell was just on the BBC news talking about the news that William and Kate and their kid are going on tour to Australia and New Zealand next year, 31 years after Charles and Diana took him as a baby.

31 years.  I was an undergraduate in Canberra, working part time as a waiter at the Prime Minister’s Lodge.  I got to ‘meet’ (ie, serve) a weird mix of visiting celebrities, politicians and royalty, including Charles and Diana.

Things I remember: he was very thin with very short legs.  She was very nice, softly spoken, and asked me if the fish had bones in it.  I didn’t know.  I dropped a bit of food on his lap.

Bob Hawke was the PM.  He was a really nice bloke.

31 years.  How about that.

This news clip (which shows the bit after I dropped food on Charles’ lap) says: “Their first stop was a visit to Canberra’s civic centre that bears an uncanny resemblance to Croydon.”  A bit unkind.

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