I love the Robert Dyas ad.

But it’s not really an ad.

It’s a creative idea that is more about PR than the rigmarole of expensive processes and high-production values.  It looks like it has been made for about £1,000.

The deadpan delivery, the inclusive tone, the sure-fire tonguewaggingishness of it.

The calculation here is far more about the ‘debate and share’ message that advertising’s traditional ‘tell’ message. Look at how much media coverage it has had already:

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 12.50.50

It will have been made for a fraction of the cost of the Christmas blockbusters from the big store chains.

It’s affectionate and comfortably tongue in cheek.  It might turn out to have been made by an ad agency, but if it has it’s a territorial skirmish that says much about the increasingly limited value of conventional advertising.

PR is eating advertising this year.  The value is now in tales of the unexpected.  That’s PR’s territory.  I think we can expect plenty of low budget blockbusters (or stunts as we PR folk call them) next year.

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