Round Robin

With Christmas fast approaching, there are always a million things to do before the big day. While we can’t help you decorate the tree or wrap the presents, we can at least assist with one of the most onerous Christmas jobs: the round-robin letter. 

So, to ease the pressure this year, we have produced this all-purpose, fully-customisable round robin. There’s a link at the bottom of the page to a downloadable pdf. Simply print out the letter, fill in the gaps and pop it in with your Christmas cards! What could be easier?


Dear _______________, _______________, _______________ and _______________,

What a year it’s been!

As you’ve probably already heard, _______________ got [☐engaged/☐married] to _______________ in _______________. We’re so pleased for them both, _______________ clearly loves _______________ with all [☐his/☐her] heart and it’s great to see _______________ happy at last, especially after what [☐he/☐she] went through with _______________ last year.

_______________ has been busy studying for [☐his/☐her] [☐GCSEs/☐A-levels]. We’re sure that [☐he/☐she] will do well considering all the hard work [☐he/☐she] has been putting in. How’s _______________ getting on at _______________?

Young _______________ never ceases to amaze us! [☐He/☐She] is only _______________ years old, but has already learned how to play the [☐violin/☐piano/☐bassoon/☐glockenspiel/☐tuba] up to grade 8! And only last week we found [☐him/☐her] in the conservatory playing with [☐his/☐her] chemistry set. Apparently [☐he/☐she] was trying to synthesise DNA. I don’t know where [☐he/☐she] gets it from, certainly not my side of the family anyway. [☐He/☐She] is also trying to read [☐Proust/☐Goethe/☐Cervantes] in the original [☐French/☐German/☐Spanish]. As if that weren’t enough [☐he/☐she] won gold in the county [☐swimming/☐tennis/☐fencing/☐show jumping] championships last week too!  We’re so proud!

_______________ and I were [☐lucky/☐unlucky] enough to have a [☐wonderful/☐romantic/☐/disastrous] trip to _______________ back in _______________. It was our first time there and it was [☐wonderful/☐shocking] to see the [☐countryside/☐ocean/☐mountains/☐pyramids/☐state of the place]. The people were [☐charming/☐friendly/☐so warm and welcoming/☐really quite rude] and the food was absolutely [☐delicious/☐atrocious]. _______________ certainly enjoyed sampling the local [☐wine/☐spirits/☐delicacies], while I spent all of my time [☐by the pool/☐skiing/☐watching the world go by/☐wishing we could go home]. The _______________ really is [☐beautiful/☐a disgrace] at that time of year. We were there for [☐just the weekend/☐a week/☐a fortnight] and to be honest, [☐it wasn’t long enough/☐I never want to go back there ever again].

_______________ is having a [☐good/☐bit of a stressful] time at work, having just been given a [☐pay rise/☐promotion/☐new company car/☐written warning] as a result of all [☐his/☐her] [☐hard work/☐unexplained time off] and all of the [☐success they’ve had/☐money that’s gone missing] recently. Typical _______________!

There was one bit of bad news. You may remember _______________, _______________’s _______________. [☐He/☐She] was standing in the driveway when _______________ reversed the car out of the garage. _______________ didn’t see _______________ and, well, I won’t go into too much detail, but my word, I’ve never seen so much blood. We rushed _______________ to the [☐hospital/☐vets]. [☐Luckily/☐Sadly] the surgeon was [☐able/☐unable] to save _______________ and [☐he/☐she] is now [☐sitting/☐buried] under the old oak tree in the garden.

Oh, I also bumped into _______________ at the _______________ [☐he/☐she] asked how you were. [☐He/☐She] has [☐hardly changed/☐put on a bit of weight/☐lost a lot of hair] since the last time I saw [☐him/☐her]. It took me back to the good old days of _______________ when the three of us used to spend all our [☐days/☐nights out/☐money] down at _______________. It still makes me blush thinking about that time I _______________ in _______________ and everyone saw. How embarrassing! Ah, to be that young and carefree again!

Hope you and _______________ have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!

Best wishes,

_______________ and _______________

 PS: We really should meet up for a [☐coffee/☐glass of wine/☐gossip] at some point. It’s been far too long since the last time we saw each other. Gosh that must have been getting on for _______________ [☐weeks/☐months/☐years] now! How time flies!


Simply download the PDF here, print it out, fill in the blanks and send to your friends and family!