Since I started walking around London with my space suit and my board on I’ve become interested in the history of sandwich boards.  They date back, as far as I can tell, to the 1820s, when new advertising rules in London introduced new taxes that made billboards far more expensive.  More on this to follow – and something on a project that I have in mind – but first here are some pics that I’ve found.  If you have any others do let me know.

Sometimes people use them as a LinkedIn profile.  LinkedIn mobile app I guess.

Sandwich board14


Sometimes for newspapers.

Sandwich board16

Sandwich board15


Sometimes for gloomier purposes.

Sandwich board07


This one (wearer and board) is quite busy.

Sandwich board20


It’s an international phenomenon.

Sandwich board19



Ad for a betting shop.

Sandwich board26


I guess George Formby’s ticket sales were a bit low at this stage.

Sandwich board28


You can’t really see the suit because of the board advertising this.  The brand manager was probably sacked.

Sandwich board22


I remember this bloke from Oxford Circus.

Sandwich board34


Here’s my attempt.  So far I have landed one new client – and £1.37p when I paused in Trafalgar Square.

Me in Trafalgar Square


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