Here are a some my favourites.  I’ll update this list from time to time:

1. Arts and Letters Daily: a great source of links to the best new writing and reviews on the web, updated daily:

2. The Browser: a similarly useful compendium.  They offer a subscription version.  You can visit a certain number of links per month for no fee:

3. McSweeney’s Internet Tendency:  Fresh humorous writing every day.  The lists section is particularly good.  My all-time favourite list is “status updates since my mother joined Facebook”:

4. The Thousand Yard Model: this is all about helping to understand how big the solar system is.  It guides you through a walk, using props to scale to demonstrate how small we are and how empty space is.  A great thing to do with kids:

5. Wikihow: This appeals to my sense of the ridiculous.  It gives step by step explanations to anything. For example, “how to drink drinks”: Here’s the home page:

6. Aeon Magazine: The liquorice allsorts of the web: 

7. The Slate: brain transfusion:

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