I’ve long been a fan of the film Powers Of Ten, by Charles and Ray Eames. It’s rather wordy subtitle gives you a clue as to what it is about: A Film Dealing with the Relative Size of Things in the Universe and the Effect of Adding Another Zero. 

I’m slowly working my way through the films on the Eames Office YouTube channel, and my favourite video so far is problem Something About Functions. Made as part of the Eames’ IBM Mathematics Peep Show, this short film lives up to its title and tells you something about functions:

It’s a charming little film, but equally charming is its unassuming name. It’s not “Everything You Need To Know About Functions”, it’s not “19 Mind-blowing Facts About Functions”, it’s not “This Information About Functions Will Change The Way You Think About Functions”, it’s just something about functions.

It’s hard not to keep thinking about the new resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but it does seem that modesty and humility seem to be in short supply right now. If you are looking for other things to talk about, or other things to think about, I recommend spending a little time in the company of Charles and Ray Eames.