Here are five major gaffes from previous presidential campaigns.  Dan Quayle, in the first, offers his chin to Lloyd Bentsen.  In the second, Nixon outsweats Kennedy.  In the third Howard Dean screams.  In the fourth, Sarah Palin is interviewed by Katy Couric. In the sixth, Michael Dukakis rides a tank as an attempt to demonstrate his commitment to defence in defiance of his voting record. All of them were fairly significant or knockout blows.

They all look relatively mild compared to the daily carnival of outrage that we are ‘treated’ to by the Trump campaign.  They’re kinder, gentler gaffes.

The question I have is this: if Donald Trump eclipses these on an hour by hour basis and yet remains in contention, what does it say about him and, as importantly, what does it say about us?

The presidency is not a reality TV show.