The Interview

It’s the most talked about film of the year, although it’s possible none of us will be able to see it. The Interview, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco has been withdrawn amid claims of North Korean-led cyber-terrorism.

Despite the fact very few people have been able to see the film, it’s been given 10/10 by 22.607 IMDb users. Among the few critics who have seen it, the film has received a 53% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but when you look at when those reviews came out, something interesting emerges. The film was withdrawn by Sony on 17th December. Here’s what the reviews looked like up until that date:


On Rotten Tomatoes, films are rated as either “fresh” (ie good) or “rotten” (ie bad). Red is fresh, green is rotten. There were thirteen reviews of the film from before the 17th. Six were good, seven were bad, or in otherwords, 54% of the reviews were bad.

Then the film got withdrawn:


Suddenly, the film gets a lot better. 59% positive reviews! A 13% swing to the reds! Well done Seth and James!

There’s an election coming up next year. Ed, you know what to do.

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