“First mover advantage”, though something of a cliché, is more critical to business success these days than it has ever been.

Why?  Because technology has enabled a generation of magpies.

Your competitors’ ability to  spot and replicate what you are doing has never been more refined or more focused.  Look at the billions that are exchanged over patents every year.  Look at the cost of the legal disputes over copyright infringement every year.  Look underneath these and there is one inalienable truth:

A new business has to get its message across to as many people as quickly as possible – and in doing so kill off the possibility that someone else will come along, absorb your idea and do a far better job of articulating it than you have.

Why is this so vital?  The answer is simple and twofold:

  1. There are no second acts in news.
  2. Becoming the archetype in your market is an incredibly powerful thing.

A great idea needs to find its moment in the sun as quickly as it can.

Lots of businesses attempt to achieve this, but they don’t always do it successfully.  We keep a watchful eye on launches and many of them get caught up in a triumph of process over outcome.  Many are seduced by the idea of an expensive and eye-catching stunt that might capture a bit of attention on social media and grab a part of a page in a tabloid.  But does it really pay back – and does it gain the business the ownership of the space that it is seeking to inhabit?  I honestly can’t think of an example.

Here’s the sales pitch for us:

We are very, very good at getting start-ups and product launches the traction that they deserve, often on a global scale.

Start-ups that we have worked with have appeared on BBC 1 News, ITV News, CNN, RAI, NPR, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5 Live, ABC, Sky News, China’s leading broadcaster and many more outlets.  They’ve been covered by all the world’s major newspapers.  More importantly, they’ve seen an explosion of interest on social media.  Our launches have trended on Mashable, been the LEAD story on Mail Online, one of the most powerful and influential news sites in the world.  They’ve been covered on Newsnight and even on Have I Got News for You (positively).

The investments that our clients have made have been relatively modest.  If they’d chosen another promotional route they couldn’t have hoped to achieve what we consistently deliver.

If you run a start-up, are an investor in a business that you believe has high growth potential, are planning a product launch or running a business that isn’t achieving the levels of awareness that you believe you deserve, we are the PR agency you need.

We are focused, we work quickly, we are well connected, we are expert storytellers – and our starting point is always the commercial objective of the businesses that we represent.  We don’t create PR plans – we deliver commercial plans with PR at their heart.   We always deliver.

If you run, or know, a business that could use a shot of adrenaline in its marketing, call me anytime on +44 (0) 7702 684290 or tweet me @HamishMThompson

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