Ed Miliband has been criticised today for apparently failing to put a personal message on the card attached to the wreath that he laid to commemorate those that died in WW1.  A photo did the rounds on Twitter, juxtaposing an image of the handwritten message from David Cameron and a message written in thick black marker that read “From the Leader of the Opposition.”








In minutes the photo went viral.

There’s a Guardian ad from the 1980s.  It’s quite short.  Take a look:

Many news outlets piled in to take Miliband to task for his “error of judgement”.

Later this afternoon the Guardian reported that the Department for Culture, Media and Sport had confirmed that David Cameron was the only person allowed to write a personal message on a card.

As I post this, people are still tweeting to criticize Miliband’s lapse of judgement.

Twitter is a brilliant democratic tool.  The trouble is that our base instinct to reach for the vitriol switch is all too easily tickled.

There’s no answer to this, but today presents a pretty potent argument for all of us to pause and investigate – and change our field of view, as the Guardian ad advocates – before we apportion blame.


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