We advertised recently for an account director and a senior account manager to join us at our new offices at Somerset House on the Strand.

They’re really nice.  Not huge, but light and airy, and there are meeting rooms and coffee shops everywhere.  The technology works perfectly, there’s a lift or stairs option and out in the square they have all sorts of things.  Right now all you can see is pigeons showering in the fountains but over the summer we had Film4’s outdoor cinema and London Fashion Week.  The ice rink will be along later apparently.

If you crane your neck from the window on the landing, you can see the London Eye. It’s a lovely spot with lots of things going on. There’s a couple of great exhibitions on at the moment, including some Nick Cave portraits, a contemporary art show – and then of course there’s the Courtauld, which offers free admission to companies based at Somerset House – and is full of the most amazing paintings.

Anyway, back to the ad…

One of the things, I guess, about applying for a job, is that you simply have no idea how much competition you’ll have or what hoops you’ll have to go through.  It can be really defeating.  You slave over an application, take the trouble to find out about the company, look at what experience the people have on LinkedIn, check out their Twitter feed.  And then often you don’t hear anything back – or you’re told that you don’t have enough experience – or you turn up for the interview and it just doesn’t go well.  It’s such an effort.

“Yeah, it might be a good job, but the chances are slim, so nah,” you might think.

Well, I thought I’d tell you how we did with our last ad, in case you’re interested:

We had no responses.  Not one.

It got me thinking. Maybe recruitment ads don’t work anymore.  Maybe only conversations do.

I mean there’s no other reason for us not to get applicants.  We’re a growing agency, we have an excellent reputation, we do exceptional things (in our humble opinion), we’ve worked with amazing people doing amazing things for companies large and small, we’ve advised celebrities, we’ve won loads of awards, we’re no nonsense, we love what we do – and we think we’re fun to work with.

So, what went wrong?  I don’t know.  Anyway, what I’d like to do is extend the hand of friendship now and forever.  If you are looking for a job now, or tomorrow, or next week, or next month or next year, all you have to do is get in touch and between us we can work out the rest.  We might even work out what your job will be between us.  You know – make it up – that sort of thing.

You won’t have to fill out any forms. All you need to do is drop me a note or tweet me or call me (all my details are all over the internet), tell me a bit about who you are and what you’ve done and what you want to do, then pop over and say hello, we’ll have a chat – and we’ll see how it goes. Easy, eh?

Oh, and if this doesn’t feel right for you but you know someone that you think might like the sound of this, do let me know – or tweet a link to this ad.  That’d be hugely appreciated.

If you fancy a chat I’m on 07702 684290.

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